Program for Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship at Stevens (IDEAS)
PROtotype Object Fabrication (PROOF) Laboratory

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Create an educational environment that integrates entrepreneurial thinking with engineering design.


Curriculum design and course content that enables following student learning outcomes:

  • Be cognizant of the constituents who will be impacted with a novel solution to the problem.
  • Be curious about the societal, humanitarian and marketplace impact of a design.
  • Conceptualize and articulate the innovation or technology breakthrough and its value to the constituents.
  • Analyze, prioritize and optimize solutions to complex problems.
  • Take the risks associated in transitioning their invention into products/services with commercial, societal or humanitarian impact.


  • The IDEAS program maintains several key resources that form the essential infrastructure for an innovation engine.
  • The PROtotype Object Fabrication Laboratory (PROOF Lab) is resource for quickly creating functional prototypes as well as produce small lots for demonstrations and testing.
  • Click here for a list of 3D printers in the lab.
  • PROOF Lab currently has CNC mill, CNC router, CNC Winder, Benchtop Injection Molder, Composites Molding equipment, CNC Wire Bender, and a variety of 3D printers, including small and large FDM printers, Polyjet (Objet-350), SLA and ceramic (green body) printing machines. Lab can also customize 3D printers for various research applications. All access to the lab is federated through this portal.
  • The laboratory supports robotics, electro-mechanical, sensing and electronics systems development. The lab also has 3D laser scanners that can produce 3D digital models of objects with sizes ranging from few millimeters to several hundred meters.